Brite Pet Mop Ball

Brite Pet Mop Ball

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Unclean, Dusty Floors? You can turn up the volume on “I Want To Break Free” as loud as you like, however vacuuming is still a hurt in the behind, not to mention it consumes hours of valuable time.  There’s no need to worry about that any longer with the Brite Pet Mop Ball coming to your aid.  All you need is to put your feet up as well as allow the Microfiber Mop Ball to do the entire job!

The Brite Pet Dog Sponge Ball is a cutting-edge, cozy piece of modern technology that rolls around your house, persistently cleansing and cleaning, while you relax and unwind. This fuzzy, robotic duster helps in getting dust and also dirt anywhere it goes with a mind of its very own, roaming freely around your house. When it hits a barrier, it just adjusts its path! It does not obtain embedded dilemmas or demand attempting to go upstairs, it just turns around and also goes on its way. Now, you’ll have time to make your point, while it does its thing.

The Brite Pet Mop Ball isn’t merely a house cleaner. It is also an outstanding pet toy for your adorable family pet! This sphere provides a new meaning to words multi-tasking. Give your animal some extra time with the excellent play task while cleaning up the flooring! You cannot beat that for double-action!

The Brite pet mop ball also consist of Zippered attributes layout to make clean-up fast and also very easy! The mop ball also comes with three wipe covers in various colors.