Adjustable Men’s Shirt-Holding Garter Suspender

Adjustable Men’s Shirt-Holding Garter Suspender

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The Adjustable Men’s Shirt-Holding Garter Suspender is the ONLY pant suspender system that is actually designed to be worn under your pants. The suspenders are completely hidden and concealed under your pants.

These amazing clips with adjustable straps, allow your shirt to be fully tucked in and stay tucked in all day long! No more uncomfortable lumps or shirttails working their way out of your trousers. Keep your shirts perfectly tucked in and your look, IMPECCABLE! Garter Suspenders sold in pairs.

A SHIRT THAT STAYS TUCKED IN ALL DAY IS ONLY A CLIP AWAY – Our shirt stays do what they’re meant to do. They keep your shirts tucked in perfectly with their no-slip, sure-grip design and they’re also softer and stronger than other similar products.

NO SKIN IRRITATION – Ultra soft elastic straps won’t chafe or irritate your skin. They’re ultra durable and won’t fall apart after one use like other shirt stays can.
SURE-GRIP CLIPS – Nylon teeth keep a tight hold on your clothes, ensuring a no-fail grip.
ON AND OFF IN SECONDS – Fully adjustable design allows you to get your shirt stays on and take them off quickly and easily.
QUALITY ASSURED – Holds all types of shirts, including tough military and law enforcement officers’ uniforms. Very comfortable to wear, you won’t even feel it’s there!
DIFFERENCE  – “Thin” Buckles are recommended for dress shirts while “Thick” are for collared shirts. One other difference between 1 and 2 is simply the location of the 3 straps. 1 has the straps surrounding your leg while 2 has all 3 straps on the outer side of your leg.