Wine Cooler Aerator

Wine Cooler Aerator

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The Wine Cooler Aerator features a pour-able spout that is both handy and extremely efficient at remaining drip-free. The bottle has a built-in aerator which helps to ensure you enjoy every last drop. There are so many wines to choose from! This bottle will never change the flavor of your wine, it only enhances properties thru aeration which will lead to delightful drinking experiences. To utilize this Wine Cooler Aerator just store the included chill rod in your freezer for around one hour until the cooling gel within is completely frozen. Afterward, just screw on the pouring spout (which helps with aerating) onto the chill rod itself.

To utilize this aerator fully, pour a little bit of wine out of your bottle before inserting the wine chiller back into it. Now you’re able to enjoy deliciously chilled wine for close to two hours! This makes for a great item to bring along on picnics as well as to simply use around your home. For cleaning, make sure to rinse the bottle and chill rod with lukewarm water and let dry afterward. This design can fit all bottle sizes and is an excellent addition to any wine lovers arsenal. Our Wine Cooler Aerator is crafted with BPA-free acrylic as well as timeless stainless steel.