Seasoning Bottle Oil & Vinegar Sprayer

Seasoning Bottle Oil & Vinegar Sprayer

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Many of us who cook find ourselves accidentally adding in either too much oil or vinegar to our foods simply because of poor bottle design or not paying attention. This 2 in 1 Seasoning Bottle Oil & Vinegar Sprayer will let you customize exactly how much oil and vinegar you want in your dish. It can be done easily and without causing a mess. You can choose which type of oil you’d like to put into the sprayer. These include vegetable, sesame, olive, canola or other delicious and healthy options. You can decide exactly how much you want in the sprayer so as not to overpower your dish with too much oil or vinegar.

To adjust how much you want to come out simply use the stainless steel collar around the sprayer. The sprayer itself is non-aerosol, so you don’t have to worry about nasty chemicals getting into your food! Next time you’re cooking in the kitchen, this Seasoning Bottle Oil & Vinegar Sprayer will come in handy. Whether you’re needing to coat baking pans or perhaps spraying your food before grilling, you’ll be able to apply the perfect amount of oil or vinegar.