Scrub Brush for Knife & Cutlery

Scrub Brush for Knife & Cutlery

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The Scrub Brush provides a more convenient alternative when it comes to washing your utensils with food residue. The wrap-around brush has bristles on both sides, which scrub and clean knives, forks, spoons, or any other flat kitchen utensils. The brush is much safer to use when it comes to cleaning knives or other sharp kitchen utensils instead of hand washing with a dishcloth.

The bristles are more effective than using a dishcloth because they will scrub the residue better than the soft surface of a cloth.

Also, the Scrub Brush is better to use than a sponge because not only does it dry faster, but it is also cleaner to use, which hinders bacterial growth in its firm, BPA-free bristles. When it comes to cleaning the brush, you can either wash it in warm, soapy water or place it in the dishwasher. It makes cleaning cutlery easier, and the brush itself is also easy to use.

For storage purposes, the Scrub Brush is small enough to store anywhere but large enough to take care of any kitchen messes to clean.