Potato Spiral Cutter

Potato Spiral Cutter

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Currently, you can have your twisted potato chips and vegetable snacks with Potato Spiral Cutter which is stainless and plastic in the feature. Potato spiral chips cutter provides you with the perfect potato chips in a spring form.

It consists of a spiral-shaped vegetable cutter, stainless harden spits, meal-grade plastic and a dense surface. The handle of the spiral cutter is easy to hold. This excellent spiral potato slicer cuts potatoes into elegant spirals quickly as well as efficiently.

Reliable and also very easy to clean, the deterioration resistant coating of the slicer offers a clean and also modern-day finish that’s easy to tidy and dishwashing machine risk-free.

Rapid, even and also brittle, now you can prepare quick and easy, potato chips, vegetable snacks and more, in the ease of your very own kitchen area! When you operate the potato spiral cutter, the potato material is set into the hopper. It is then rotated on the wall of the sheath by the running through on the gyrating dial. The cutter attached on the wall cut chips into the four-sided area. It also measures and slashes the potatoes into strips. The Potato Spiral Cutter often goes hand in hand with high productivity along with potato chips production line. 

Cut out a spiral
Affix the end of potato spiral onto the end of the spit.
Pull the spiral-shaped cutter onto the spit.
Pierce the spikes on the deal with into the potato
Pull the spiral-shaped cutter onto the spit
Modest structure, able to withstand wear and tear, cost-effective and concrete.
Potato Spiral Cutter consists of Stainless Steel and Plastic Materials