Play & Party Ice Shot Maker Tray

Play & Party Ice Shot Maker Tray

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When it’s time to party, what better way to start it off then with shots? These molds are made to mimic shot glasses, and the tray is easily stored in your freezer. It features easy cleaning as well! After use just rinse the Play & Party Ice Shot Maker Tray with warm water before refilling to put back in your icebox. You will always have shot glasses ready to use, no matter the beverage. They are perfect for pouring alcohol into as well as they can become a refreshing summer treat for kids by pouring different juices into them.

A lot of us have that one friend who loves to eat ice cubes, so this will be a treasured party addition for them. These Play & Party Ice Shot Maker Tray molds are perfect for the summer as well and will help keep everyone hydrated! If you really want to get creative, you can pour a bit of food coloring into the molds before inserting into the freezer for a fun and interesting way to hand out shots.