Mixer Splatter Guard Cover

Mixer Splatter Guard Cover

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Avoid mixing mishaps and protect your kitchen counter from Splatter! The Mixer Splatter Guard Cover allows you to keep your kitchen mess free from mixing mishaps! Also, this innovative Splatter Guard Cover operates as a lid, containing the ingredients inside the bowl as you mix. This makes messy counters a problem of the past! Its high-quality silicone design along with a flexible ring at the center allows you to fit a variety of mixing utensils and beaters through!

The Mixer Splatter Guard Cover also doubles as a guard. Use when frying, cooking or baking. Additionally, it is useful in eliminating the mess that comes from splashing oil. This handy kitchen tool will create a spotless, safe and enjoyable culinary experience for all!

Versatile Design: The versatile design allows for a variety of utensils and mixers to be used with this product making it universal!
Safe and Effortless: The Mixer Splatter Guard Cover requires no complicated assembly. Any culinary novice can use it as a way to keep their cooking haven mess free!
Easy to Clean: The high-quality silicone allows for quick and easy cleaning of the guard, not to mention it is also dishwasher safe!
Transparent: Keep an eye on your ingredients while you mix while still maintaining a mess-free environment!