Jar Scraper & Icing Spreader

Jar Scraper & Icing Spreader

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Reaching deep into bowls and containers helps to distribute your foods smoothly and allows your peanut butter to distribute evenly and also in fashion. Using this incredible Jar Scraper & Icing Spreader Silicone Spatula which is light is perfect for distributing out toppings neatly. It is highly efficient when produced into cupcakes even more.  It’s safe for covered or non-stick kitchenware because the long, slim and bendable blade is adaptable as well as soft so that you can pickle, measure, flip, and fold, as well as a layer like a trained chef. It’s suitable for distributing out Peanut Butter, Nutella, Frosting and also various other spreadables!  It’s possible to work up something irresistibly delicious with this convenient cooking utensil. There’s no end to the opportunities you can get from this jar scraper and icing spreader.

When are you done with a delicious homemade dish, which person has the energy to clean a sink loaded with dishes? With our exceptional cooking area utensils, you don’t have to! They are able to go into the dishwasher, withstand stains and also odors. Our cooking Turner spatula has a very high melting factor, like the stainless steel, to stop melting effectively, which can be used to stir boiling mixtures or get rid of food easily.  Accident exposure to warmth can permanently damage rubber or plastic tools, but the silicone scraper spatula head will not end up being nicked or warped.

Pick from Purple, Pink, Red, Lime, Orange, and Blue.

– Tidy and very Easy to Use

– It has a Non-Stick Component

– 100% Food Grade Silicone

– Warmth Resistant

– Bendable Blades

–  Dishwashing machine Safe