Jar & Bottle Opener

Jar & Bottle Opener

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The Jar & Bottle Opener makes for the perfect kitchen gadget gift in any home. Do you have an older family member whose hands may not work like they used to? Or perhaps one of your friends recently went to college and could use this for their dorm room. Whoever it may be for, it is sure to help make everyone’s lives simpler. The Jar & Bottle Opener features four integrated sizes which means it can help open anything from a soda can tops to large jars of mayonnaise. It is extremely durable and easy to clean.

To use the bottle opener, you must decide which gauge option most closely resembles the lid you need to open. You can figure this out by placing the circular grip around the top of the jar or bottle and then squeezing tightly which will twist and break whatever seal is holding the lid. They are also ergonomically made so all hands will find comfort using them. Make your day a little easier with this Jar & Bottle Opener!