Fruits & Vegetables Slicer

Fruits & Vegetables Slicer

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Running low on time to get to a family event or gathering and you don’t have time to prepare the fruit and veggie tray you are supposed to bring? No problem! The Fruits & Vegetables Slicer allows you to reduce the time it takes to cut up fruits and vegetables. Fruits include watermelon, cantaloupe, pineapple, and others with a thicker outer layer that takes more time than you have when using a kitchen knife.

Compared to an average cutting knife that has only one blade, the Fruits & Vegetables Slicer has durable, stainless steel blades that allow you to cut your fruit or veggie into 12 slices. Rather than taking an hour or so to cut up an assortment of fruits and vegetables, in one single motion, you can serve 12 individual pieces of your desired fruit or vegetable. This will reduce a significant amount of time that it would take to cut fruit with a regular knife.

The blades are also sharp enough to cut through the thickest and toughest melon skins. The easy-grip handles on the slicer’s side keep your fingers away from the blade. Now there is a safer alternative than using a traditional cutting knife.

The slicer is 23 cm in length.