Fruit & Vegetable Shaper Cutter

Fruit & Vegetable Shaper Cutter

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If you love hosting parties, or perhaps you work in the catering field, this Fruit & Vegetable Shaper Cutter will surely put you ahead in the culinary game! The kit itself includes a handy 3-piece tool as well as six fun and easy to use shapes.

Have you ever seen a beautiful catering table laid out with fruit baskets and cut up vegetables that just drew your eye? Organizing and cutting up fruit like that can be an art for some people, and now with the Fruit & Vegetable Shaper Cutter, you can do it all from your own home. Additionally, if you’re looking for a way to impress people at parties you host, this shaper cutter would be a valuable asset to your kitchen utensils. The shapes included in this shaper cutter set include one heart, one circle, one butterfly, one flower, one sun, and one star making for a diverse range of options to utilize.

They are extremely easy to use as you simply have to push the shaper down unto the fruit or vegetable of your choosing and the design you want will pop out! No annoying cleanup of knives and food mess. This shaper allows you to cut your fruits and vegetables into whatever design you choose speedily and efficiently. Also, your kids will love getting fun little shapes in their