Food Saver Vacuum Cover

Food Saver Vacuum Cover

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This Food Saver Vacuum Cover allows you to use plates, platters, or other dishes as vacuum storage. This will enable your leftovers to taste just as good as the first day that you made them. It will definitely transform the way that the average family does leftovers.

All that you have to do is place the cover over your food while you make contact with the clean and smooth place and then simply press on top of the cover so that it creates a vacuum seal. BOOM! It is that easy! 

You can also use it for the following purposes as well: a vacuum food sealer. This can be used for leftovers and to keep fruits and vegetables fresh. You can also turn it into a lunch box which will allow you to pack any food you want for your lunch. You can also use it to marinate food. The seal makes sure that the flavor truly infuses the food. The last thing you can use it for is to simply save space.

The possibilities are truly endless with this food saver vacuum cover!