Bottle Kit-Eight In One

Bottle Kit-Eight In One

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Cooking fanatics know the struggle of searching for kitchen utensils when you need them. As much as you attempt to separate large spoons and spatulas from the smaller ones, drawers get crowded. Searching through overflowing drawers is frustrating. If you have hit a breaking point and want to find what you’re looking for with ease, then the Bottle Kit-Eight in One is the solution for you. The ingenious Bottle Kit-Eight in One is literally what its name suggests; eight gadgets in one. This convenient bottle storage container comes set with a juicer, funnel, grater, shredder, can opener, egg cracker, egg separator and measuring cup.

Make your time in the kitchen even easier. Each utensil in the Bottle Kit-Eight in One comes in a different color to help you quickly distinguish one from the other. No more will you be plagued by time wasted on searching for basic tools you know you have. With more than several gadgets coming in one bundle, storage becomes effortless. This will give you the extra space for other handy intuitive devices that make cooking fun and simple. Don’t hesitate to let the Bottle Kit-Eight in One, be the ultimate one and done gadget. Finally, spice up your kitchen!