Beer Foaming Mug

Beer Foaming Mug

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Sprechen Sie Deutsch? No? Well, it’s ok if you don’t speak German, because you can get by simply knowing that beer is awesome. With that out the way, we can talk about what makes a good beer. Is it those cool amber droplets spilling over the edge, the invigorating smell or is it that luxurious foam? A good beer isn’t a good beer without that frothy foam that sadly fades with each sip. If you want that lush foam covering your lips from start to finish, then the Beer Foaming Mug is your answer. This foaming mug re-fizzes and foams your beer with one click of a button, letting you experience that whipped bittersweet whirl of wort protein, polyphenol, isohumulone, and carbs again and again.

After you give the Beer Foaming Mug a try, you won’t be able to get it out your life. Everything will make sense, now you know how beers in movie scenes stay frothy for so long. Surprise your friends and family with your quick thinking by pulling out the Beer Foaming Mug. Give that Beer Connoisseur of your eye the best gift. Whatever you do remember to enjoy everlasting frothy cheers.