Avocado Stay-Fresh Cover

Avocado Stay-Fresh Cover

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Do you love avocados? Everyone who enjoys them whether it be on toast or sliced up in a salad knows that the most irritating thing about avocados is that they can turn easily before you get a chance to eat them. This Avocado Stay-Fresh Cover will help solve that problem!

It’s extremely simple to use as all you have to do is slip the avocado into the cover which will then help to preserve its freshness. This helps eliminate food waste and keep your avocados fresh and ready to eat! Most avocados will turn brown rather quickly once cut open, and so some of it tends to get wasted. With the Avocado Stay-Fresh Cover, it will get rid of that issue and keep your whole or cut up avocados fresh within.

This also makes for a great little utensil to bring along to work in a lunch box or something similar. If you find yourself always having to rush eating at work and wasting your avocados, this will help keep it safe and ready to eat until you get home. It is dishwasher safe making it extremely easy to use and reuse. This cover makes for a great gift for any food lover in your life. Avocados once exposed to air can quickly turn so avoid that problem altogether with our Avocado Stay-Fresh Cover!