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Automatic Crepe & Pancake Maker

30 customer reviews

Automatic Crepe & Pancake Maker

30 customer reviews

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Automatic Crepe & Pancake Maker
Automatic Crepe & Pancake Maker
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This Automatic Crepe & Pancake Maker is designed to inspire creativity and broaden the culinary experience of at-home chefs everywhere. We bring unique but familiar classics to your kitchen, with a goal of awakening new ideas and enriching the cooking process. We’re motivated by a love of gourmet cooking from around the world, and we’re committed to offering the best products for our customers.

A perfect gift for crepe & pancake lovers!


Non-Stick Coated Plate Surface, let you quickly and easily make crepes, tacos and many more kind of dishes in 20 seconds even with no cooking experience.

Perfect Combo
Comes with the automatic temperature controller to preventing burning. Operated by the one press button ON/OFF Switch to indicate when the surface is hot enough to begin cooking. Intimate long big handle design for easy holding and saves space.

Highly Convenient
Has a large cooking area of 8” makes it easy to create restaurant-style crepes. Simply preheat the crepe maker, spread a thin layer of batter, and watch your crepe cook in seconds.

Easy To Clean
Comes with non-stick surface cleans, simply wipe the cooking plate over with a damp cloth and your crepe machine is clean.

Great Addition To Kitchen
Comes with a tray and egg beater. Perfect for anywhere and anytime to make crepes. Let’s start for cooking breakfast eggs and pancakes, to make your life healthy and smoke-free.


  • Material: Die Cast Aluminum
  • Size: 38 cm x 25 cm x 1 cm
  • Heating Element Power: 700 Watt
  • Power: 220V
  • Plug Type: US/UK/EU


  • 1 x Portable Crepe Maker
  • 1 x Tray
  • 1 x Egg Beater

  • K***I

    This works great. Crepes come out far thinner than when I make them stovetop on a pan. I wish the crepes themselves were bigger. Hopefully, they will make one that makes larger crepes in the future. I’m used to full dinner plate size crepes, but these are a few inches smaller in diameter.

  • C***G

    Great crepe maker, definitely worth giving as a gift. But I kept mine and I love it.

  • F***N

    Due to the crepe makers non-stick surface the maker is easy to clean, it is a plug and perfect crepes, thus easy to use. I shared the wonderful results with a friend who immediately wanted one herself, and has ordered already. Crepes are a family tradition as my grandmother was mostly French. The variety of fillings are endless and always deliciously light and easy to make. The crepes, if held to the receipt, are only 114 calories per crepe made mostly of eggs (natural protein, thus making this food both nutritious as well as delightful.

  • G***V

    We love crepes in this house but the little kids have a hard time getting the right rotation to make them in a pan on the stove so we decided to give this a try. Even my 6 yo had a great time with it. We did a review, its on You Tube, can’t leave a link, but if you search Moss & Stone Crepe Maker, hopefully you’ll be able to find it. We aren’t real youtubers though, just my boys and I have fun.

  • P***X

    Bought as a gift for someone. She loves it.

  • L***D

    I love love love this product!! My kids love crepes, and it will usually take me about an hour to make them for them on the weekends. Well, I used it this morning and it took me 5 minutes to make 20 crepes. I plan to use it when I make manicotti as well!! I don’t really use a recipe, just flour, milk and egg, till it’s thin enough. Filled the bowl it came with and presto!!

  • Q***H

    Awesome, works just as it should with an easy recipe- I used 1C flour, 1/2C milk, 1/2C water and 2 eggs. Perfect crepes!!

  • A***Q

    I was so excited to receive this product. Found it to be so much easier to make crepes with this as the crepes come out more even than when making in a pan on stove. Also used it to make thin egg batter for using cut up in fried rice.

  • R***M

    Amazing!!!! Now, every Sunday we have pancakes for breakfast!!! Really easy to use and do really thin pancakes!!! Awesome!!!

  • I***U

    My family loves crepes, but I have found it hard to make uniform crepes that easily release from a pan. I ordered this electric crepe maker and it is exactly as I had hoped. Heats quickly, the batter pan is the perfect size and the crepes release easily with almost no cleanup! Plus, it is now fun to make delicious crepes!

  • T***N

    This makes making crepes easy! No more trying to turn over paperthin crepes in the frying pan! I make mine into Cheese Blintzes with Cottage Cheese filling and jam on the top. It makes an easy, quick breakfast with some protein to get me staeted. For crepe storage, I layer wax paper between the crepes, fold them and put them in a Ziploc bag, and then store them in the frig for up to a couple weeks. BTW, mine came with ZERO instructions except for the electrical safety info. It isn’t too hard to figure out, but I thought it should, at least, come with some specific instructions, and maybe even a couple of recipes.

  • C***Z

    So easy to use! I found a recipe on Pinterest. Mix up your batter then pour it into the dish provided. Heat up the crepe maker and dip the crepe maker into the batter. It might take a little practice but I’d seen one of these used before. Doesn’t need any non stick spray or flipping. Cook the batter on one side until the edges start to turn golden brown, and release onto serving plate. Easy peasy.

  • K***W

    I like to experiment culinarily. This item fits the bill. Had fun, and my taste testers were quite pleased. Cant wait for the holidays!!