Solar Powered Buzz UV Lamp

Solar Powered Buzz UV Lamp

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Our patented Solar Powered Buzz UV Lamp brings in the flying bugs, and removes them promptly and efficiently with no mess or cleanup required. It’s secure and sanitary way. Additionally, it is also a chemically free way to eliminate flies, insects, and undesirable pests from your home or office.  The photo-voltaic panel ensures that there’s no demand for electrical wiring or battery costs. Invest in our energy sustainable product for your household.

Keep your family happy with less bugs! Everyone wants to enjoy the backyard, and now you can. Also, the Solar Powered Buzz UV Lamp allows for more outside play, without swatting at all those pesky bugs. Discover more freedom in your outside domain today.

The photo-voltaic panel on the Solar Powered Buzz UV Lamp merely uses the sunlight rays for operation. It stores the power in the rechargeable batteries for future usage. The small, intuitive design and 4 suction placing pads, suggests that this gadget can be conveniently transferred and used anywhere. However, there is minimal assembly required. This makes it excellent for household barbecues, days out and even for those satisfying nights out in the yard.