Rattan Foldable Basket Set

Rattan Foldable Basket Set

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Brighten up your home with these beautiful Rattan Foldable Basket Sets!

These one of a kind basket sets are made from high-quality materials, and make gorgeous Bohemian home decor accessories! Not only do these baskets add a touch of style and exquisite texture to every room, but the heavy-duty collapsible design also makes them easy to store when they are not being used. Since they are so light, these baskets are easy to tote around when you are changing up the ways you wish to use them as well. These Rattan Foldable Basket Sets make for excellent storage devices themselves, perfect for blankets, clothes, and toys! They also make aesthetically pleasing houseplant containers that add beauty to every room they are in!

  • Durable- The collapsible design allows this product to be long-lasting and holds a variety of heavy household items
  • Lightweight- The collapsible design allows these baskets to disappear from sight when not in use, making them fashionable space savers.
  • Decorative- The make the perfect home accessory to beautify any room you put them in!
  • Multi-use- Use them to store an assortment of household items!