Pack of 8 Clothing Hangers

Pack of 8 Clothing Hangers

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Whether you have a clothes addiction or just a small closet with little storage space, the Pack of 8 Clothing Hangers will help reduce this problem without you having to decide which clothing articles to give up. This is the perfect solution for a dorm, apartment, and any other area with limited storage place. The hangers not only help you maximize storage, but they will keep your clothes wrinkle-free. When doubling up the 5 hanger slots, you can store up to 80 garments.

The Pack of 8 Clothing Hangers is perfect to use for seasonal wardrobes, such as thick winter coats. The hangers can hold up to 30 lbs, approximately the weight of 5 winter coats, all the while, minimizing space for knitted sweaters or other bulky articles of clothing.

The hangers work with all hanger types, wood, plastic, and metal. They can hold them all! The hangers are mostly used to optimize storage space or for downsizing. Just by adding 2 articles of clothing per slot, you will save even more space in your closet.

After implementing the hangers, you’ll have a new problem in figuring out what to do with extra storage!