Moving Belt Adjustable Straps

Moving Belt Adjustable Straps

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Moving heavy items will always be a concern that forces even the strongest among us to search for tools that make moving easier. Before grabbing the dolly and your trusty moving gloves, give the  Moving Belt Adjustable Straps a try. These innovative moving straps make moving a breeze. They help ease the weight of the heavy items you are carrying. They provide appropriate leverage and proxy support to help make moving less strenuous and faster. Many reviews have claimed that using Moving Belt Adjustable Straps make heavy items feel 66% lighter and have been rated for supporting items up to 700 lbs.

How does this work? The straps act like a forearm forklift that can be adjusted for a secure fit. It can ultimately help prevent injury by encouraging proper lifting techniques. When you decide to try out this amazing moving tool, your order will come complete with 2 adjustable straps. Both straps measure at  9’4″ long. They can reach up to 48 inches when adjusted. Whether you are changing out old furniture, moving into a small dorm, or dream home, these adjustable belt straps work wonders for small or large items. Make your move so much more convenient!