Magic Butterfly Jar

Magic Butterfly Jar

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There’s no requirement to monitor the battery life of the magic butterfly jar as the batteries last in standby setting for months. It is all set to awaken your butterfly at the smallest tap. You can also pick the shade you would like your butterfly to be! An ethical way to keep a majestic butterfly as a pet at home that can respond to your commands.

The impressive Butterfly Jar resembles absolutely nothing you have ever seen before. It strives to bring your desire to life, merely unload the glass container and simply trigger the button situated inside the cover. All that is needed in order to activate the butterfly is to simply touch the cover, and you will see your charming pet butterfly fly about in a remarkably natural way.

Thanks to our fantastic product, you can now delight in the appeal of a magic butterfly jar companion, without the act of capturing an actual one and keeping it captive in a restricted space. You can enjoy the effortless gracefulness of a butterfly without the moral guilt of trapping a wild insect in your home.

There are multiple colors to choose from such as:

Vibrant Orange
Bright Blue
Radiant Red
Dashing Yellow


Each time the glass container is touched you can view your butterfly fly, flap and cruise around, equally as a genuine one would certainly do. Delicately touch the magic butterfly jar for instantaneous activity!

One touch will certainly wake your magic butterfly jar up. Two touches will make its wings flutter about as well. Three touches will make it flap around inside its glass container. The magic butterfly jar is likewise turned on by ambient sound and also songs.