Bath Organizer Shower Curtain

Bath Organizer Shower Curtain

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The transparent Bath Organizer Shower Curtain allows you to expand your limited bathtub space! It can now hold all your shower items such as shampoo, soap, cleanser, and other toiletries. No matter how large or small your bathroom space is, this can help reduce the look of clutter.

In addition, it also an excellent way to allow you to watch TV shows on your phone or play some music without the risk of getting your small electronic wet. Just place your phone in one of the transparent, built-in pockets. Now, you can indulge in a relaxing bath with a movie or have your own concert during a shower.

The transparency of the material allows the shower curtain to complement any color scheme for your bathroom. The liner is mildew and mold resistant, odorless, anti-bacterial, and eco-friendly. Also, a simple rinse or quick run through the washing machine will easily clean the liner.

The liner is designed to fit most showers or baths. The measurements are: 70 inches x 72 inches.

Shower hooks are not included with the 9 pocket Bath Organizer Shower Curtain.