Assist Balance Hand Support

Assist Balance Hand Support

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Dorothy, a 95-year-old woman, adamantly attests to Assist balance Hand Support being a holy grail. She had them installed back in her late 40’s. She has never regretted bringing this dependable support into her home. Her high claims even encouraged her grandchildren to install them for their babies eager to catch rubber duckies in bubble baths.

Assist Balance Hand Support is a support handlebar that can be attached to any flat, non-porous surface. These include tile, acrylic, glass, and fiberglass. It is ideal for seniors, people with disabilities, and toddlers. The hand support aids in giving a boost for those desiring more support in slippery areas. It works by providing stability and security when entering and exiting the bathroom, tub, shower, and toilet. Also, it is designed with two suction cups on each end that are geared with locking latches for maximum security.

Benefits of Assist Balance Hand Support:

     Easy installation
Simply flip the locking latches to secure the bar in place. If your needs change over time, you can change its location by unlocking the latches and shifting it.

     It creates no surface damage
When placed correctly, it leaves the surface mark free. However, remember to not install it over a grout line or gaps. The hand support requires a solid surface for the suction to adhere correctly.

Finally, it can also be put in place as a footrest. Just position it at any height for shaving your legs in the shower.