Expandable Magic Metal Staff

Expandable Magic Metal Staff

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Whether you are out late at night finishing errands, or leaving work after a long night shift, you will want good company. The Expandable Magic Metal Staff is an effective tool that will help keep your nerves at bay will things seem a little eerie. A stellar choice that ensures safety, this metal staff generously lengthens. Go from 5cm (2in) to 120cm (5ft) in less than a few seconds. It extending to your aid so quickly can prevent a problem from becoming a big problem. Ensuring optimal security and a guaranteed means of self-defense. However, this expandable metal staff is crafted from high-grade stainless steel in a lightweight design. It offers a one-touch system that makes the staff fully operational.

After pushing one button, the Expandable Magic Metal Staff  unlocks and expands. Remember to point it away from you and towards your desired direction to remain safe. Also, this metal staff can be utilized for both professional and conventional use. So, if you need a new weapon for your martial art class or would like some reassurance while walking to your car late at night, the Expandable Magic Metal Staff  is for you.


  •      Durable stainless steel
  •      Telescopic portability and lightweight
  •      Operational after pushing one button
  •      Aerodynamic shape