Car Door Edge Protector Molding

Car Door Edge Protector Molding

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The Car Door Edge Protector Molding is an extremely popular product! Used as an aid to prevent and protect doors from chips and nicks (which over time lead to rust) this molding proves itself, time and again, to be invaluable!

This Flexible Edge Molding is designed to fit virtually any edge on your vehicle, including; trunk lids, hoods, doors and grills.

Prevent leaks, gaps and vibration
Prevent exterior leakage of the air conditioner
Prevent entry of dust, air and rain water
Cover sharp metal edges on the car
Conceal existing scratches, nicks and chips
Protect external car door edges from impact with walls or other cars
Easy installation! Just push the rubber seal down, around the edge of the door
Length: 5m
Sticky, double-sided, adhesive tape, trim-seal is easy to install and requires NO tools!

Remove the double-sided tape from the inside of the strip
Place the strip on the door edge and press firmly in place
As you remove the double-sided tape, press the strip below to keep it smooth
Cut off any excess and allow the lining to dry naturally- Don’t get wet for at least 12 hours
Car Door Edge Protector Molding comes in Black, Gray, Red, White, Blue and even Transparent!