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Sand-Proof Beach Mat

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Sand-Proof Beach Mat

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Sand-Proof Beach Mat

The Sand-Proof Beach Mat dual-mesh material lets particles fall right through it without sticking to anything! It even keeps dirt and sand underneath from coming back up the other way. You need this for any sports event or outdoor activities!

Patented Sand Free Beach Mat: Sand-proof experience offering a softer material that is easily folded into a small carry bag. With more softness and comfort, this mat is better than any towel or regular picnic mat you can find with the unique and patented benefit of delivering a completely Sand-Prood experience.

Not Just for the Beach:Quick-Dry and light weight material, it is extremely versatile therefore its use is broader than just serving as a fantastic Sand-Proof beach mat. Ideal for picnics or any outdoor occasion. A spilt drink will bead on the surface and wipe off easily.

Windy Days: Due to the mats construction, the opening in the mats weave allows wind to go through the mat rather than the mat flying up on windy days.

Dimensions: 200X200CM