Phone Holder Ring

Phone Holder Ring

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Our luxurious, metal Phone Holder Ring is shaped like a tear-drop and is the perfect, multi-functional accessory for your phone. With its 360° rotation and 180° flip capabilities, this phone holder allows you to rotate your phone in any direction, giving you the ultimate flexibility to view your phone from any angle, even lying down! Enjoy safe and comfortable social networking while chatting in bed. Thanks to this handy phone holder your phone won’t slip out of your hand and fall on your face, chest or the floor!

These stylish phone stands are removable and adhere securely to the back of any mobile device or phone case with a strong 3M adhesive. After attaching the ring, please allow adhesive to bond for several hours before using, to ensure maximum hold.

Add this elegant, metal tear-drop stand to your phone for ease with texting, scrolling and selfies or place it on your desk as a phone stand to watch videos and tv, make video calls or listen to music. You can even use your phone/stand as an alarm clock next to your bed. You can also use the ring as a phone or GPS holder in your car.

Choose from four opulent colors; Rose Gold, Silver, Gold and Black.