Adhesive Phone Pocket

Adhesive Phone Pocket

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Made of a unique lycra material, our Adhesive Phone Pocket can be stretched to hold as many cards as you need without ever losing its shape. The adhesive firmly grips the back of any smartphone or phone case and it won’t come off until you want it to! This Pocket will never peel and can be removed without leaving any sticky residue behind. The highly elastic, lycra spandex fabric holds the contents of the pocket securely in place. Even when the Pocket is upside down, nothing will fall out!

The perfect substitute for a wallet, money clip, purse or wristlet, this handy, Adhesive Phone Pocket will hold credit cards, money, keys and other small items safely and securely inside.

Any type of smarphone with a flat-back is compatible with this Pocket, use it with an iPhone, Samsung, Galaxy, Galaxy Note, LG and more!

Easy To Use- Simply peel off the cover of the sticker and adhere it to the back of your phone. Secure by pressing gently to ensure adequate bond.

Available in Silver, Black, Gold, Rose Gold, Charcoal, Coffee, Blue and Green