Portable Water Bottle For Dogs

Portable Water Bottle For Dogs

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Many people don’t know or ignore the fact that our pets need to hydrate as much as we do. So when they take their dogs for a walk, go to the park, to the beach and even on trips, they forget that they too are thirsty.


Or, in most situations, they offer tap water or drinking fountains strewn around the streets and parks. What these owners do not know is that this water, even coming out clean of the treatment plant, contaminates with residues and bacteria when coming into contact with the plumbing of the street, being able to cause vomits and diarrhea in their animals.

So when you go out for a walk with your dog (especially on long walks), always take a water bottle and a water cooler, or if you find that it is too much to take or uncomfortable, take AquaDog™, it was done exactly for these situations. By being portable and having a shape that fits perfectly in your dog’s mouth, AquaDog™ is ideal for:

  • Tours in parks;
  • Walk time;
  • Beach;
  • Travels.

AquaDog™ has a button that releases water in the right amount for your pet. And if he does not drink everything, no problem, with the same button it is possible to store the water again, isn’t cool?

The AquaDog ™ has a safety lock, which lets you keep it in your purse, backpack or bag without fear of water leaking!

AquaDog™ is available in 2 sizes: 550ml and 350ml, plus blue, pink and white color options.


  • Size: 26cm X 7.5cm (550ml) and 21cm X 7.5cm (350ml)
  • Weight: 220g
  • Material: ABS plastic
  • Color: blue, pink or white