Britedoggie Outdoor Dog Backpack

Britedoggie Outdoor Dog Backpack

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Hi there dog lover! We’ve created the Britedoggie Outdoor Dog Backpack because we never want to leave our dog behind and we don’t want you to have to either!

Now, you can explore new places and have new adventures with your pup using this high-quality performance gear. Keep your dog safely equipped for any escapades you might venture out on together. With the BriteDoggy Outdoor Dog Backpack you can explore, travel, have fun, and grow closer to one another, all while your pet comfortably carries any extra gear and essentials he might need, such as; food, water, toys and balls or even your house keys and cell phone! Strong and durable this Dog Backpack is a day-tripping dog lovers delight, a saddlebag style backpack that’s perfect for quick getaways as well as everyday errands you take with your best friend. Let your doggie help to lighten your load safely, comfortably and easily.

Britedoggie Outdoor Dog Backpack comes in a variety of colors, choose from: Blue, Black, Red and Orange.


So your dog can carry their own biscuits/waste bags/water or even some of your light weight items; keys, cellphone, etc.
Extremely convenient for an everyday walk/run
Comfortable, easy and fun for dogs to carry
Walk anywhere with your dog knowing that his needs are taken care of.
Now you can enjoy hiking, shopping, etc. with your dog, without having to carry all of his essentials too.
Go on new adventures together and share the load.



 Small 22.8″-25.2″ 13.4″-20.01″ 14.2″-16.1″ 16.5-39.7 LB
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 Large 31.5″-34.3″ 25.9″-38.9″ 24″-30.7″ 61.7-88.2 LB