Tea Mug Infuser

Tea Mug Infuser

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Make your tea time flavorful and unique! Sip in style with the innovative and modern design of this Tea Mug Infuser. Make your tea brewing experience different from any other. With this mug, you experience a superior taste. Infusers adds a more robust taste, compared to the traditional tea drinking approach involving bags. The infuser allows for a high-volume of tea leaves to disperse their lavish flavor and aroma into a single cup brew.

The lid not only keeps your tea hot while steeping takes place but also doubles as a saucer for the infuser. Now you can achieve the perfect taste. This feature makes the Tea Mug Infuser the ideal tea drinking accessory for re-steeping in case you want to infuse for stronger flavor throughout the day.

High Quality- This durable infuser is made of the best food grade plastic and is dishwasher safe! (not recommended for microwave use)
Multi-use- The lid of the mug also doubles as a saucer which allows you to avoid mess while enjoying a soothing beverage.
Decorative- The Tea Mug Infuser is hand painted and comes in white or black.
Capacity: 250ml