Party Soda Dispenser

Party Soda Dispenser

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Keep your sodas effervescent with the Party Soda Dispenser!

Every party can use refreshing, fizzy beverages. With the Party Soda Dispenser flat beverages, are a worry of the past! This dispenser is sure to keep your bubbly beverage sparkling and palatable!

The Party Soda Dispenser is so simple to use so you can have your drinks bubbling and ready to serve in no time! Simply replace any soda cap on a 1 or 2-liter beverage with this unique device. Then flip the bottle upside down, and you are ready to serve! Not only does the Party Soda Dispenser keep your beverages bubbling, but it also acts as a new cap for the bottle sealing in that fresh and crisp taste!

Easy to use- Just attach to the bottle and turn it upside down!
Portable- the sleek design allows you to transport the dispenser anywhere. Now this is the perfect utensil for gatherings such as picnics, family reunions, weddings, and other festivities
Freshness- The dispenser also acts as a cap keeping your soda fresh and ready to serve.
No batteries- The dispenser uses gravity and the carbonation from the soda to dispense making any kind of power and electricity completely unnecessary.