Magic Gyro Bowl

Magic Gyro Bowl

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The child’s development is a challenging stage with parents. Children’s problem with eating causes many parents to bother. At this point, your children are gradually developing new skills, reveal personality so there are many problems occur.

In term of the eating, many children do not like the parents to feed them with a spoon and want to eat by their own. Therefore, food is easily fallen off on the ground. Today, we will introduce an useful product for young parents to deal with this problem. Your children will be given a chance to eat on their own and the food won’t fall on the ground. Sounds so interesting!

With Gyro Bowl, your children will be given a chance to eat on their own and the food won’t fall on the ground.

The Gyro Bowl is a special bowl for kids that was presented in late 2010. Thanks to its unique design so that the “bowl” turns 360 degree without spilling the food. This is an exceptionally smart bowl and perfect for your children.

Gyro Bowl is also a special, educational toy for kids which is smartly designed to stimulate the baby to discover and enjoy eating in the bowl.

The product is made of special bactericidal plastic for the health of your littile angels. The good quality makes the bowl hard to be broken if the baby throws it away.

In particular, the bowl is dirt-proof and anti-spillage when the baby is looking for fun in the bowl. Products manufactured by quality standards and exported to the Japanese market is a powerful tool for the mother to raise their kids.

The Gyro Bowl is a special toy for children at the age of eating due to these reasons:

  • The main structure of the bowl is an amazing invention, helping the bowl is in equilibrium, keeping food in any situations, even when the bowl is overturned, rotated … bowl with lid
  • Gyro Bowl is a household appliance suitable for families with small children when they use small items such as nails, pins, coins
  • The Gyro Bowl is particularly safe with your baby and is durable enough to hit the ground.