Kitchen Cabinet Sensor Light

Kitchen Cabinet Sensor Light

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Practical and affordable, the Kitchen Cabinet Sensor Light makes dark spooky cabinets and spaces a thing of the past. The innovative light is perfect for closet, wardrobe, kitchen and bathroom cabinet lighting. It adheres perfectly to any cabinet and solid surface, working on any cabinet hinge to automatically turn on and off when your cabinet is opened or closed. This sensor light attaches securely to wherever you place it, and it since it uses batteries, that means you do not have to worry about cords.

When placing it inside your cabinet, it directly attaches on the hinge. Upon opening the cabinet, the interior is illuminated so that you can see exactly what’s inside. The Kitchen Cabinet Sensor Light works through a savvy press-contact switch feature. As you close the cabinet door, the switch within the light will press down, powering it off. Opening the cabinet raises the switch, lighting up your cabinet. You will never have to endlessly search for anything in your cabinet ever again.

Benefits of Kitchen Cabinet Sensor Light:

Turns on and off automatically
Installs in seconds and convenient
Operates on batteries
Available in both Warm and Cold White