Fresh Juice Portable Bottle

Fresh Juice Portable Bottle

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This amazing fresh juice portable bottle is like no bottle that you have ever had before. It aims to make it possible for you to be healthier and take your favorite juice with you on the go. All you will have to do is follow the instructions, and you will have your favorite drink with you the entire time. You will love how easy to use this portable bottle is!

You will immediately fall in love with this Juice Portable Bottle. It is a cute style that allows you to stay healthy while on the go. Everyone deserves to have the opportunity to make wise drink choices no matter where they happen to be.   

There are multiple types of juices that you can make such as:

Other fresh juices
All that you will have to have is the fruit of your choice and this fresh juice portable bottle. Then you simply have to cut the fruit in half and place it into the juicer upside down. Next, screw the cover on, rotate it downward, and put enough pressure so that the juice flows and then you can pour the freshly squeezed juice into the juice pitcher.

This great bottle has a 12-pin fixed design so that you can assure that your fruit stays in the screw-on cap. It also comes with a strainer so that you will not have any seeds or heavy pulp floating in your juice.

There is nothing special that you have to do to have a gorgeous and well-functioning fresh juice portable bottle. You will need to keep in mind that it can be both hand-washed and washed in the dishwasher. This makes it such an easy bottle to take care of and keep clean.

This bottle is lightweight and has been made to be portable and incredibly durable. You will love how long this bottle lasts you. It is also BPA-free, high-quality material, and very convenient to use. The ability to take freshly squeezed juice with you everywhere that you go has never been so easy. You now have all of this freshness at your fingertips!