Electric Spin Duster

Electric Spin Duster

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Dust is everywhere and regular feather dusters just spread the dust around. Cleaning with a cloth and furniture polish can time consuming and labor intensive! Rid your home of dust bunnies with the efficient Electric Spin Duster!

Regular feather dusters end up just spreading more mess. Furniture polish can be time-consuming and labor intensive. But the Electric Spin Duster is the solution to make these problems a thing of the past! You can now deep clean your home more efficiently. With the easy-to-use motorized wand,  it does all of the hard work for you! You can magically rid your home of those dust bunnies located in hard-to-reach areas with the press of a button all thanks to this innovative Electric Spin Duster!

The incredibly soft and pliable dust heads can gently clean a multitude of surfaces. The dust heads ability to conform to any shape and the electrostatic charge attracts and traps dust with no effort at all. Clean-up with this product is also incredibly simple. All you have to do is rinse the dust head and sit it out for a brief air dry. Viola! The Electric Spin Duster will be just like it was right out of the package and ready to make your home spic and span!

Versatile: Fits in a variety of hard to reach spaces ensuring cleanliness even in the toughest to reach areas and is safe for all surfaces!

Easy to operate: The one button operation feature makes this device quick and extremely easy to use.

Attracts Dust: The dust heads act as a magnetic cleaner, doing all of the hard work for you!

(The Electric Spin Duster uses AA batteries, which do not come included)