Easy Reach Grabber Stick

Easy Reach Grabber Stick

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Stretching your arm to reach the remote control that fell behind the couch is a strenuous feat. You really do not want to shove furniture to the side for one small thing. Ever wish that your arm was more flexible or twice as long so you can reach the places you usually can’t? Then the Easy Reach Grabber Stick can help you with that. This grabber stick extends your reach making things that you could not reach before effortlessly reachable. The Easy Reach Grabber Stick adds an extra 26 inches to your arm. With all this extra length there are no limits.

Now you can pick up things off the floor without having to bend over, grab gunk from the depths of your trash can, and get that remote control that keeps running behind the couch. Even those mountains of stacked seasonings and condiments in your pantry will no longer be a match for you. The Shaft has a soft handle, and is crafted from rust-proof aluminum with an inner steel cable wire. The grabber jaw has an anti-slip coated grip that locks and rotates vertically and horizontally at 90 degrees. Overcome things high and low with Easy Reach Grabber Stick.