Easy Grip Jar Opener

Easy Grip Jar Opener

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Eliminate the struggle of hard to open containers with the Easy Grip Jar Opener!

This high-quality stainless steel device allows you to effortlessly open the most stubborn jars and bottles in a matter of seconds. This will save you time and energy! The adjustable mouth on the Easy Grip Jar Opener contains steel teeth. These teeth clamp on and grasp the most difficult-to-remove lids. Now its a matter of removing them in one simple twist. Also, the increased leverage that the Easy Grip Jar Opener gives you will make the difficult task of fighting to open stubborn jars a worry of the past.

The versatile design will fit most jars. This makes opening even the tightest containers a simple task. Also, this device is the perfect gift for seniors, and for those who struggle with arthritis. Finally, it can even alleviate the stress that comes with trying to open pesky containers.

Versatile- The adjustable design allows the Easy Grip Jar Opener to fit most jars or containers (diameter of the container must range between 2.4 and 10.2cm)
Simple Design- This easy to use product opens jars and bottles with a simple twist of the wrist.
Durable- The high-quality stainless steel material ensures longevity for the device making it an ideal kitchen appliance.