BBQ Skewer Maker Box

BBQ Skewer Maker Box

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BBQ is delicious and suitable for nearly any event. You can’t help but bring out the grill on 4th of July, Easter, or at any backyard and picnic events. This does not mean whipping up BBQ is a piece of cake. Sometimes you get burned, blinded by smoke, and cry when that skewer you wanted juicy and succulent accidentally burns. If you ever wanted BBQ without the hassle, then give BBQ Skewer Maker Box a try.

This gadget allows you to prepare up to 16 meat kebabs, fresh fruit, or crisp veggies fuss and mess free. How it work? After seasoning and preparing your desired fruits, meat, or veggies, simply layer the contents into the maker box, shut all box openings, insert the multiple sticks provided, and cut by inserting a knife into the grid slips and press down. That’s it! To begin cooking your BBQ masterpiece open the box maker, add your last finishing touches and throw it on the grill. Dishwasher safe and easy to use, the BBQ Skewer Maker Box will alleviate stress and allow you to truly enjoy yourself. Try it out for yourself at your next family reunion, birthday, and kickback party.