Adjustable Food Storage Jar

Adjustable Food Storage Jar

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You will find that this storage jar has a modern design that is then combined with functionality that far exceeds other containers. How does it outperform other containers with lids or plastic bags? All of these things tend to trap air inside. This will eat away at your food after a period of time. However, the adjustable food storage jar keeps this from happening.

The Adjustable Food Storage Jar is airtight which removes the air. It is still the style of a pantry container except even better. When you place the food inside and seal it, the container will begin to shrink. This lets you know that the air is being removed. Since the air is removed, it preserves all of the food inside. Also, the container shrinks which saves you a lot of pantry space!  

You will find that this food storage jar only takes up the amount of the space that it needs in your pantry. A lot of it depends on the size that you get and what kind of food you place in it. It will change in size so that it can adapt to the contents as long as it’s between 16 and 32 ounces.

If you want to save space and food, then this is the product for you. You will find that your food stays fresh and safe when you use this wonderful adjustable food storage jar.