Baby Kids Shower Cap

Baby Kids Shower Cap

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This Baby Kids Shower Cap is perfect for the child who always gets shampoo and conditioner in their eyes! It’s designed to keep bath products out of your child’s eyes during bath time. Unlike cheap quality foam shower caps, our Baby Kids Shower Cap is made with non-toxic silicone, thanks to the amazing adjustable design, its made to last for a long time of daily use.


Leak proof, comfortably secure, and easy to use.
Durable, stretchable, and long-lasting.
Premium quality and bacteria-resilient.
Help prevent risks towards water phobia, ear infections and dry drowning.
How to:

Make sure your child’s head is wet prior to putting on the visor to prevent frictional hair pulling.
Stretch the cap with two hands so that the elastic band will go over your child’s head.
It is important to make sure that you have your child’s hair go though the band so it sits above the bill. This allows for the hair to be washed, and not clamped under the elastic band.
The idea is to have the front of the cap resting slightly above the forehead, while the back of the cap sits just above the ears.
When worn properly, the Baby Kids Shower Cap will prevent water from impacting the facial area during showering and bathing and should be lean free!