Sink Drain Stopper

Sink Drain Stopper

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We all have been there before, dealing with a resilient sink clog that refuses to unclog. Forever prevent those nasty clogs in your drain with the Sink Drain Stopper and Strainer! The stopper and strainer is an impeccable two in one system. It was designed to combat clogs by preventing stray items from going down your drain. It is crafted from an eco-friendly durable, high-quality PTR silicone. Now, this draining stopper securely stops up your sink and can switch functions by draining your sink safely by acting as a filter. So, your sink will stay clog free and remain fully operational.

The flexible outer ring, which encompasses the outer edge, creates an impassable seal. Also, the seal keeps bad smells and slimy crawling critters from climbing out of your drain pipes and into your precious home. The Sink Drain Stopper and Strainer is excellent for all kind of sinks; such as in your bathroom and kitchen, and floor drains! Using this gadget is simple; just press the middle button to fold up the edge. This will allow water to flow through when straining the items that could possibly make a blockage in your drain. However, to end the draining function simply push the button on the side of the stopper, this will securely close the valve. The Sink Drain Stopper and Strainer is available in a variety of stylish colors like blue, gray, white, pink or green!