Rose Light Bottle

Rose Light Bottle

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This beautiful Rose Light Bottle will charm anyone who sees it. Setting up a romantic date for your loved one? Put this bottle in the center of the dining table and bask in the beautiful ambiance it creates.

Whether you’re meeting your special someone or perhaps setting up a fancy dinner party, the Rose Light Bottle will surely be a hit. It is beautiful and easy to control with a customized lighting remote which allows for 13 different light colors, as well as dimming and timed color changing options. The bottle also makes for an absolutely captivating gift whether it be for a wedding or for someone who enjoys sentimental things.

You can use it as an accent in whatever room you want to decorate, and with the color changing abilities, it can look beautiful no matter the surroundings. If your partner tends to get sad after their flowers die, this Rose Light Bottle will ensure they’re able to enjoy their flower forever. The Rose Light Bottle comes in a nifty gift bag which makes it easy to share with whoever you choose! It is available in pink, purple or blue and comes with batteries, so it’s ready to enjoy.