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Multi-Purpose Cordless Mini Vacuum

180 customer reviews

Multi-Purpose Cordless Mini Vacuum

100 customer reviews


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Multi-Purpose Cordless Mini Vacuum

The Multi-Purpose Cordless Mini Vacuum seals in flavor and locks out air that causes freezer burn, saving you money and time.

Portable, lightweight, and USB rechargeable. This amazing mini vacuum sealer can be used anywhere. Take camping, boating or on picnics… even on your next road trip. Or stay home and split bulk food purchases into ready-to-freeze portions for supreme convenience. Now you can enjoy everything from snacks to food leftovers longer, without scrimping on freshness.

Not only this vacuum is a great tool for preserving food, this amazing device can help you save space in your closet or luggage. If you have experienced to try to squeeze your clothes and stuffs to make your luggage smaller when you’re travelling, the mini vacuum will be perfect solution for you to have way more space in your luggage bag. 

Package Includes: Bundle of 1 Mini Vacuum with 4 Small Bags and 2 Large Bags.