Icy Portable Cooler

Icy Portable Cooler

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As spring introduces yet another summer, it is hard to decide whether you should buy another fan or upgrade your air conditioning unit. If you are looking for a device that does it all, then the Icy Portable Cooler is for you. This cooler holds multiple functions, allowing it to provide cool air, and act as a humidifier and air purifier. Together these functions set this device apart from the rest, making it an essential tool for soothing sweat on a summer day or an occasional sinus episode. The Icy Portable Cooler is designed with a 7 color night light, which makes it useful even when you’re not using it to enhance the air around you.

Compact and portable, create a consistent self-tailored comfort zone with this intuitive air condition fan. Simply add 300ml of cold water in the tank for it to last up to 8 hours. Press the power button to start it up, then manage the buttons on the left and right to adjust the speed and light settings. Through evaporative technology, the cooler turns dry hot air into moist, cool air. The new refreshing air helps keep skin hydrated. USB powered and measuring at 6.5 x 6.7, you get to decide where this handy fan goes.