Duvet Cover Clips (Set of 8)

Duvet Cover Clips (Set of 8)

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If your sheets always end up a mess after sleeping or laying around in bed, you should check out these Duvet Cover Clips. However, if you want to keep your bed looking neat and tidy, duvet covers are an extremely easy way to keep your room spotless and ready for company. Sheets can become uncomfortable and unkempt without something to help keep them in place. Here is where these cute panda duvet cover clips come in handy. To use, simply insert the pin thru the cover and apply the backer panda to ensure everything holds tight and stays in place.

Now, if you need to remove the pin, all you have to do is place the magnetic key included on the panda. Then the pin will loosen and be easy to take off. These Duvet Cover Clips (Set of 8) can hold up to 100 pounds of weight. This means they’ll do their job at holding covers in place no matter what madness is happening on your bed! Finally, you can also use these clips to hang up decorations. They can also be used for curtains and other furniture covers your home may have.


1 Magnetic Key (for removal)
16 Nails
8  Panda Head Clips