Drawer Organizer Set

Drawer Organizer Set

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The handy Drawer Organizer Set we have available is a perfect solution to both your organizational and personal needs. This set includes 4 organizer bins which also comes with four different types of compartment sections which will help you maximize your organization potential and get your drawers tidied up. Also, save time by not searching for the items that you need immediately. With the organizer set, everything will be laid out in its place, ready when you need it. 

You never have to worry about losing something or digging thru drawers again! Increase your productivity by keeping everything neatly separated. Get your clothes in order and set up your organizer set. Now you can see the space you are saving, and feel as though you have reduced some clutter in the house.

This Drawer Organizer Set includes one set of 4 various bins:

1 bin with 6 compartments inside for items such as ties, colored scarves, etc.
1 bin with 8 different compartments. These are perfect for intimates like underwear and shape wear
1 bin holding 7 compartments (for brassieres or whatever you choose) and 1 bin with 24 compartments. This can help sort socks and other small garments that may get lost easily
Dimensions: 12″ X 6″ X 4-1/4″H
Dimensions: 12″ X 12″ X 4-1/4″H