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Diva Sponge Holder

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Diva Sponge Holder

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Diva Sponge Holder

Add a fun and convenient scrubber holder next to your kitchen sink with the Diva Sponge Holder! She looks like a little lady singing in a bathtub. Whatever scrubber you place on her becomes her hair.

In addition, the holder keeps your scrubber or sponge dry and looks cuter than just leaving it on the edge of the sink. You can also change her hairstyle by using a different scrubber.

Similarly, the Diva Sponge Holder fits most types of scrubbers and sponges. It also comes with a silver metal scrubber to help you get started. The small size of the holder makes it suitable for most homes and kitchens. Aside from adding character to your sink, the Soap Opera Dish Scrubber Holder also makes a great gift.

-Sponge (Not included)