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Slow Rebound Pressure Pillow

26 customer reviews

Slow Rebound Pressure Pillow

26 customer reviews

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Slow Rebound Pressure Pillow
Slow Rebound Pressure Pillow
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A new 2019 memory foam pillow is designed to prevent your arms from going numb while you sleep. Greet the day in the best possible condition. It’s perfect for couples and makes your relationship closer. It can also be used for normal naps, with your hands in an optimal position.

  • CAN HELP EASE NECK, SHOULDER AND BACK PAIN: The gentle, contoured slope of these pillows supports the neck and shoulders and may help alleviate any tension or stiffness in the spinal column by promoting proper spinal alignment.
  • ESSENTIAL CUSHION: Improves circulation for side sleepers, the pillow will feel softer in warm and firmer in cold temperatures. The pillow will also react to your body heat by yielding and softening throughout the night.
  • IMPROVED SLEEP QUALITY: Using high-quality materials and padded cotton, a comfortable touch can relax your body and mind.
  • PROTECT YOUR ARMS: The unique hollow design at the bottom of the pillow prevents numbness in the arms during sleep.


  • Material: Ice silk+100% Polyurethane pillow core+ABS plastic steel frame.
  • Size: 35 x 30 x 13 cm.
  • Suitable for: Couples.
  • Weight: 530g.
  • Color: White.

Package Include:

1 x Slow Rebound Pressure Pillow.


Due to the different monitor and light effect, the actual color of the item might be slightly different from the color showed on the pictures.


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  • L***V

    I love this pillow. It is very comfortable. The foam is just the right softness. And help me to release my neck. It is a good price for this perfect pillow. Personally, a good pillow is important to have a good sleep. If I do have a suitable pillow, I will feel so tired when I wake up the next day. Definitely recommended.

  • Q***V

    I used it on the day the pillow arrived. I often have neck pain the next day because of the inappropriate pillow. My neck and shoulders were well relaxed for the past two days. I am willing to continue using this pillow. I will comment again after using it for a while.

  • Q***J

    I originally wanted to try this mentality and bought this pillow. Because of the work, my cervical vertebra is very bad. I don’t feel comfortable sleeping every day. I used this pillow for two or three days. I feel that the cervical spine is not so painful, and the quality of sleep is good. a lot, I like it a lot.

  • V***O

    We recently purchased this pillow and it is amazing! The comfort level when sleeping was awesome.

  • Y***J

    I had a wonderful and comfortable sleep with this pillow it was absolutely amazing.

  • Y***C

    The pillow that really works well, I tangled for a long time before I made up my mind to buy it. After I bought it; I immediately found it amazing. The cervical vertebrae are completely stress-free and comfortable which greatly improves the quality of sleep. I decided to buy another mom and dad.

  • V***D

    Best pillow I’ve found in a long time. My neck pain has improved at least 85%. That’s saying a lot if you knew how bad my MRI looked! No odor. I’m very happy with this purchase and hopefully, when I need a new one, these will still be around. Highly recommended!

  • I***Z

    Very soft and comfortable pillow to sleep on! It provides perfect support for my head and neck. Highly recommend!

  • E***J

    I have been suffering from neck and shoulder pain on and off for past months. The regular flat pillow I used doesn’t have enough support to the neck, I usually wake up with neck tightness, then I spent the rest of the day pulling on my neck and massaging it. I got this memory foam pillow to just give it a try, especially they advertised that the curved shape of pillow from both sides gives support to the neck for either side or back sleeper. With just a few nights of using it, I can already feel a huge difference in my neck and I’m no longer waking up with a stiff neck in the morning. So far I am very satisfied with the product.

  • H***I

    Very soft and helps a lot with my sleep, I used have a back pain and it helps relieve the pain a lot, like the dynamics design

  • R***Z

    This pillow’s been great. Usually, when I get products with memory foam there is usually some off-gassing, however, I did not experience any off-gassing with this product. The pillow contoured around my head and neck allowing me to have a great night of sleep every night.

  • H***J

    Great product with low price! my wife likes it very much! Very high quality and highly recommend!

  • X***F

    First of all, I’d like to thank this pillow for improving my sleep. It’s neither soft nor hard

  • C***M

    I love this product. It’s comfortable with this pillow, I can sleep soundly every night. It comes with extra pillow cover to replace.

  • V***E

    Very comfortable no matter what position you’re in. And it eases the neck pain I’ve had for so long. Wish I bought one sooner.